Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Last Knit

I was recently reminded of this fantastic video and thought I would post it. I haven't posted in quite awhile and have some unfinished business to deal with [Pay it Forward] and lots to tell. I hope to get around to it soon.

Thursday, October 11, 2007


Look what came in the mail today!

My first swap has arrived! Eve from California sent me this great box.

So this is my first swap so I am not very knowledgeable about shipping so I was surprised how much it cost me. I found it very interesting to see "first class" at only $6.46. I'm embarrassed is say how much I spent for 7-10 days. The only cheaper option was for as least 14 days + and even that was not less than 10 bucks. This box took 7 business days. My box will get to Eve at the earliest on the 15th. We'll see what happens.

I open it up and there is a gorgeous ball of Trekking XXL in beautiful shades of orange, my favourite colour.

Underneath the yarn was this little black bag. What is that inside?

These pretty little stitch markers. Adorable!

And now we are getting down to business. Little brown paper packages.

CHOCOLATE! I have never seen any of these chocolate bars before. I'm just going to look at them for awhile before trying them. Thank-you Eve! Thank-you Chocolate Group from Ravelry for such a great experiance. I will do this again!

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