Monday, July 18, 2011

Day 34

Weather's movin' in:

The weather seems to be crazy all over Canada these days and Tbay is no exception. With the heat and humidity through the roof, fog moving into the north end in a small dense patch surrounded by blue sky and now the whole city is overcast causing the setting sun to streak the thin cover with intense red. I was leaving for work this afternoon when I noticed this large cloudy hand moving over the neighbourhood foreshadowing what was to come. I welcome it. The break it brought from the high temps is a relief.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Day 33

St. Andrew's Presbyterian:

Found myself on the south-side of town today needing to take a bus home. [It's been years since I have had to do this but Barry had to get the girls to camp.] In case you don't know, the south side bus depot is now at City Hall which is to the left, behind the pole. I had some time to kill and, being Sunday, the place was empty. It was the opportunity I needed to case the joint. I need to come back when it is full of people.

The poster on the pole is advertising the Multicultural Youth Center. Interesting that there are posters taped to poles at City Hall now that there is a by-law preventing such. At least I think there is.

FYI: do you know that buses talk now? A soothing lady's voice announces each stop as it approaches. It's obviously some kind of text reader software. Occasionally street names are so garbled I have no idea what was just said. It can be both amusing and annoying.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Day 32

Let's put this one in the "You're bugging me" category, and it's been bugging me for weeks!

They tore down the former Brew Pup and Shoppers Drug-mart, that had a walk-in clinic, to build a new, bigger Shoppers. So now, as you can see, the clinic is at ...the Hospital! .... thata-way....
[We could also put this in the "No shit sherlock" category. Imagine finding health care at the hospital! And isn't part of the benefit of going to a walk-in is so you can avoid the back-log at the hospital?]

This clinic, usually very busy, was located in a densely populated area that includes some lower-income housing. There were people that used this clinic that literally "walked in". This sign almost makes one think the hospital is just down the street. Well, it kinda is, about 3.5 km. A nice little jaunt for a sick person or parent with sick kid. Luckily there is a bus that passes right by. Just add the $5 return trip cost per-person to your budget. As someone who has gone through tight financial times finding bus fare can mean something else is being sacrificed.

It's just seems logical to me that moving the clinic to the County Fair Mall, a 5-10 minute walk from here, which is almost empty and directly adjacent to part of the community, would make more sense. But then who am I? Just a middle-aged mother sticking her two cents in.

Of course the up shot is that a nicer walk-in clinic will be built least that is the hope.

Day 31


The line-up for the new Harry Potter movie, 7pm show. My girls were there shortly after 4. At that point the line was as long as the hall. Many were dressed up. They entertained themselves with reading, texting, chatting, one group was deep in the middle of a Monopoly game. Can you spot the female "Ron" having her picture taken?

The lady at the front of the line, about my age and with her teenage daughter had been there since 11am. This is hardcore for Thunder Bay.

As I was leaving I called back to the line, "Have fun all you hardcore people!" the lady asked me, "Aren't you staying?". When I explained that I had no interest in the movie, hadn't even read the books she chatted with me for a bit, telling me how the books were written, how the author wrote the 1st book on bits of paper and napkins because that is all she had and how they were not just for children and well written. I left her saying that just because she had taken the time to talk and shared her passion so well I would have to go home and read at least the first one. I know it's around here somewhere.

Day 30

Evening in the neighbourhood:

I love the evening light. I live in a densely populated area of townhouses, duplexes and concrete yet just beyond the rooftops a large green space, dense with trees, is easily assessable by paved trails. Runners and walkers who use the paths create their own community, greeting each other as they pass.

Whenever I find myself at the end of the day without a picture I head for the trail, usually with a family member. Tonight my companion was my husband. Precious time together

Day 29

McVickers Creek:

We have quite a bit of beautiful nature right in the heart of our city. This is just one spot. This little creek, rushing towards Lake Superior, through residential areas, under roads and bridges, must run smack-dab through the heart of downtown. The walking path along it's shore is sweet and lush. A treasure to find amongst civilization. It is also the favourite stomping ground of transients. :D

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Day 28

I Live Here -2:
Ok, I did another self portrait.

That is the iconic, Sleeping Giant in the background with a freighter floating just beyond the breakwater, a common sight as are sailboats. The natural protection the thunder bay provides from the open water of Lake Superior makes it perfect for sailing.

The tough part with self portraits: One's inclination is to choose the picture that makes one look good where as the photographer's inclination is to pick the most interesting shot. Do I go for pretty or character? Hopefully I found a happy medium.

ps: I caught up!!! :D

Day 27

Chain link: [July 11th]

Not thrilled with this one. I was pressed for time and had to just take what I got. I wanted the flowers to be in focus. Well the chain link looks kinda cool.

Day 26

Sunset: [July 10th]

Ya, I know, I already posted a picture of these flowers but sometimes the perfect shot is just there and you can't resist it. I was sitting in my friend's backyard, right at eye level with this little scene, whipped out my blackberry and...snap!

Day 25

After the Rain 2: [July 9th]

This is a weed, very tall, about 5', and acts like a dandelion. This the puff-ball of seeds after most have floated away.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Day 24

Bubble!: [July 8th]

I was visiting my sister, when her son decided to blow some bubbles. It's true what they say....doing this project makes you look at the scene in a different way. I'm not sure I would have thought of doing it this way before.

Day 23

Chair:[July 7th]

Hubby tried to make a chair for his brother for christmas out of branches. It was a great idea and would have worked if the branches were greener and therefore bendy-er.

Day 22

Fuzzy!: [from July 6th]

Day 21

Flower Patch: [from July, 5th]

These flowe
rs always remind me of the precious week I spent in Eabametoong or Fort Hope, a fly-in First Nation's community in North-western Ontario. There I met some of the warmest and resilient people I will ever have the pleasure of knowing. It was an education to say the least. There are those, in our own country, living in 3rd world conditions.

Saturday, July 09, 2011

Day 20

Morning After, Stadium Seats: [from July, 4th]

After taking over a 1,000 pictures over 3 days I was done. I took 3 pictures on this day, early in the morning, packed my camera away and didn't take it out until the next day, after a nice sleep in my own bed.

Friday, July 08, 2011

Day 19

Empty Stadium, morning of rodeo day 3: [from July, 3rd]

Despite the way it looks it was a beautiful day. The morning was cool but the sun soon emerged and heated Carberry, Manitoba up quite well.... kinda to well. By the afternoon the humidity was almost to much. An evening shower felt so good. I burnt my face a bit.

The runners-up, taken in the evening after everyone but us, Ontarians, had left:

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Day 18

Wipe Out!: [from July, 2nd]

Wild Cow Milking event: a team of 4 must rope a cow. Once team members have the cow by the tail the rope is dropped and the cow is milked. Believe me, the cow doesn't want to be milked. This is by far the most entertaining event.

Here we see Dear
Hubby, who had the cow by the tail, being whipped off by said cow. Are anyone's hind legs on the ground in this photo? DH did the tuck and roll immediately following.

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Day 17

Day 17: Rodeo Days: [from July, 1st]

I took so many pictures [over a 1,000], making it hard to choose one a day as my favourite or best. I like this one because is shows rodeo action, the spectators and the beautiful blue sky.

For the next few days I am going to try and upload two a day until I get caught up. I might not be able to keep up with work and all. I only took about 385 pictures the first day, over 500 the second. I'm thinking I won't get through those 500 today.

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