Saturday, July 16, 2011

Day 31


The line-up for the new Harry Potter movie, 7pm show. My girls were there shortly after 4. At that point the line was as long as the hall. Many were dressed up. They entertained themselves with reading, texting, chatting, one group was deep in the middle of a Monopoly game. Can you spot the female "Ron" having her picture taken?

The lady at the front of the line, about my age and with her teenage daughter had been there since 11am. This is hardcore for Thunder Bay.

As I was leaving I called back to the line, "Have fun all you hardcore people!" the lady asked me, "Aren't you staying?". When I explained that I had no interest in the movie, hadn't even read the books she chatted with me for a bit, telling me how the books were written, how the author wrote the 1st book on bits of paper and napkins because that is all she had and how they were not just for children and well written. I left her saying that just because she had taken the time to talk and shared her passion so well I would have to go home and read at least the first one. I know it's around here somewhere.

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