Sunday, July 17, 2011

Day 33

St. Andrew's Presbyterian:

Found myself on the south-side of town today needing to take a bus home. [It's been years since I have had to do this but Barry had to get the girls to camp.] In case you don't know, the south side bus depot is now at City Hall which is to the left, behind the pole. I had some time to kill and, being Sunday, the place was empty. It was the opportunity I needed to case the joint. I need to come back when it is full of people.

The poster on the pole is advertising the Multicultural Youth Center. Interesting that there are posters taped to poles at City Hall now that there is a by-law preventing such. At least I think there is.

FYI: do you know that buses talk now? A soothing lady's voice announces each stop as it approaches. It's obviously some kind of text reader software. Occasionally street names are so garbled I have no idea what was just said. It can be both amusing and annoying.

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