Thursday, June 30, 2011

Day 16

Girls in pink have more fun:

This is DD#2, The Dancer, and her friend having fun with clapping songs in her very pink room. It literally glows. I am leaving today for a 4 day camping weekend with the family to cheer on Hubby, the weekend cowboy, as he participates in 3 rodeos in Manitoba. It's very entertaining and amusing. He doesn't do anything really dangerous but so willingly throws himself into it he manages to take some crazy spills. The Dancer will be staying behind with her friend as the two of them are spending a week at a Teen Camp, starting on Sunday.

I shall take pictures everyday but I shall not be able to upload them until I get back. See you in 4-5ish days.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Day 15


Self-portraits are hard!! Just sayin'.
I made it part of my project to take one self-portrait a week and have been putting it off. Today I was out running errands with The Reader
and stopped at the Environmental garden to give it a go. The picture I like best is the one of DD I took to help place the camera for my pic. I settled on this one of us together. I'll try again next week.

FYI: my hair is now 1 1/2" and I think this is the last day of the spikes.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Day 14

The Devil's Paintbrush.

Apparently I am on a plant kick. I love these little flowers. It always makes me smile when looking over a mass of dandelions, and other yellow and white wild flowers I spot that shock of orange. There aren't to many times when taking pictures in the direct sunlight is a bonus but with this flower the brightness makes them look as though they are about to catch fire.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Day 13

And what a day 13 it has been, raining, chilly, and my 19 wedding anniversary and I have been working all day and on my way out now to an overnight shift. BLAH! I was seriously considering not bothering with this but was encouraged by a comment about it on my facebook so I ran outside the door and quickly took some shots of the grass not expecting to find anything remarkable.... This little gem surprised me and reminded me that the time to give up is never.

After the rain:

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Day 12


I went for a walk on the trail behind our neighbourhood looking for shots that
looked like they were taken in the deep bush and I feel quite successful, in fact, more than successful. I have extra pictures. It was tough picking just one for the official 365. I will only post the one on my
flickr account but what is keeping me from posting those extras here? It is MY blog. I can do whatever I want with there. FYI: you can always click on the pictures to get a larger view.

Here are the ones that came so close but didn't quite make it:

oh hai, dandelion:

baby tree:

flower carpet.

Where are we? Looks like we should be in the forest except for what is in the background.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Day 11


At 10pm I got off work, rushed to the local all-natural-local-plants-environmentally-friendly garden and took some pics with the last of the fading light. [Thank-goodness for long summer days.] I rushed home to process and upload in time to get the July 25th stamp on this post only to find my family in the middle of watching "Back to the Future" and lost all track of time until it was over. [Hey, we are talking about watching one of the perfect movies here. It's a valid excuse.] Anywho.... I think I just made it.

I love using natural light for taking pictures. I rarely.....Rarely.... and I mean RARELY use flash. Colour is more saturated in the dawn and dusk hours or on an overcast day. Bright sunlight washes colour out. I am very pleased with this shot. It makes me smile. :D

ps: just realized that the time on this post is 3 hours behind the actual time. I was posting at midnight. hmmm...interesting.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Day 10

Shard remains of oven door.

Picture this: 2 teenage girls doing the dishes.....who don't want to....and don't want to be in the same room..... really hoping I can get a door replacement without giving up an arm and a leg although I might be willing to offer my 1st born....or the 2nd.....

....or BOTH.

this too shall pass.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Day 9


DD#1, or The Reader, came home with a new cut that she is unsure about. This shot gave me the chance to play a little with Lightroom, the program I use to process my pictures. "Blue" suits the shot and her mood. She'll get over it soon enough.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Day 8

MONKEY!! Knit monkey, that is.

Created by knitter1, who friended me on today. Monkey was installed on June 11th in the middle of Little Finland, across the street from local hotspot of Finish cuisine, the Hoito. [The term "hotspot" is debatable depending on what you think of Finn food or the Hoito but if you want to eat lunch here you gotta stand in line so I think it fits.] Today is a rainy June 22nd so poor monkey has stretched out and slipped down the poll but I think we can all agree that he is still freakin' cute!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Day 7


Taken on the foot path behind the Landmark Inn where civilization and wilderness meet... for a bit and then the wilderness is split by the highway.... and then more civilization.... but it's right on the edge. Really. You just have to go down the highway a few minutes to hit real wilderness.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Day 6

Canadian Tradition.

One steeped tea: $1.34

One box of Tim bits: $1.99

One boston cream: $.98

One gas up: $20.00

Two boston creams: $1.96

One co-operative husband to get the perfect shot: priceless

This is the shot I tried to get yesterday. Every time the vehicle in front of me was handed their coffee I missed the shot...... every....time! This morning I followed hubby on his way to work, told him to be slow about reaching for the cup. What a dear! When he was handed the cup and he saw I wasn't ready [those Tim's people are fast!] he refused to take it! Back it went. Out it came again. Barry didn't even put his hand out to take it until he was sure I got it. Ain't he sweet?!

BTW, on my Tim's travels yesterday I discovered that this is the only Tim's in town with the sign at the end of the drive-through, making it the only Tim's perfect for this shot. I think you'll agree that getting the sign in the frame was of utmost importance.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Day 5

Juxtaposition. I live here.

Again, today, I found the end of the day approaching and no suitable picture to post. I have a very clear idea for a picture and just couldn't make it happen. Hopefully I will get it tomorrow.......

In frustration I march out the front door with the slightest of ideas....maybe a nature photo? It is an overcast day, making colours more vibrate then usual especially the greens... Perhaps lilacs? T'is the season. Facebook is full of lilac pics these days.

At the end of a short path just across the street is this green space framed by backyard fences opening up to the back parking lot of a nearby mall writhing in the final throws of death, a favourite canvas for the local graffiti.... printers[?]..... babies[?]..... infidels[?] ..... certainly not artists. There is one tree.... perfect.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Day 4

Texture. My hands have texture.

Day 4 and I'm already having trouble keeping up with the commitment. I keep forgetting to take my camera with me when I leave the house. With work, family and other commitments it's hard to find time to focus on doing something creative. So my mission from here on in is to ALWAYS have my camera. Wish me luck!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Day 3

Deep into a serious fitness kick Barry installed a chin-up bar and Sinead has discovered a new ability.

Now I have caught up to my facebook and flickr page. Lets see if I can keep this up?

365 Project -Day 2 [original date:June, 16th]

It's just hair people. Cut it, colour it, play with it. It grows back.

This has been a philosophy of mine since my first haircut in grade 4. Some may say that it is easy for me to say because my hair seems to grow quickly.

Which begs the question: Just how quickly? Let's find out. I recently heard that women past 50 shouldn't have long hair. Hmmm. Sounds like a challenge.

I have two years to 50, two years grow, two years before testing the above assumption.... starting from as close to 0 as I dare: 1 1/4 ", measuring the hair on the top of my head, which is the longest at present. Let the growing begin.

I will post Day 3 later on today so my blog with be caught up to my Facebook and Flickr installments of this project. :D

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Count down to 49 -My 365 Project [original start date:June, 15th]

Resurrecting my blog for this special purpose: my 365 Project. I will take a picture and post it everyday for one year..... the count down to turning 49. Not all will be a self portrait but I plan to take at least one a week. Welcome to my life for the following year.

Portrait of a working wife and mother at 48: Outfit complete with faux leather purse from Winners [for fashionable bargain shoppers in the Tbay], fitted jean jacket from Value Village [for die-hard bargain shoppers], handmade jewelry [creative outlet], blackberry [for sanity] and 3" heeled Franco Sarto sandals [most necessary].

And why are 3" heel, "pin-up" cuties on my feet "most necessary"? Because I am a self-neglected mother and it's time to be the fashionable lady I want to be. Those who know me from my pre-LU days ['cause university makes paupers of us all] may remember me as a bit of a fashion plate and will find this as no surprise.

When I make the decision to wear my "lady shoes" I know I'm going to dress like a grown-up lady and not so much like the tired mother I feel. I'm going to have a shower, wear something nice, do my hair and makeup and just feel better about myself. I believe this is important for me at this age.

Wearing lady shoes = dressing better = feeling better = doing better [parenting, housekeeping, wife-ing, jobing....everything!] = being a better version of myself.

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