Thursday, June 16, 2011

Count down to 49 -My 365 Project [original start date:June, 15th]

Resurrecting my blog for this special purpose: my 365 Project. I will take a picture and post it everyday for one year..... the count down to turning 49. Not all will be a self portrait but I plan to take at least one a week. Welcome to my life for the following year.

Portrait of a working wife and mother at 48: Outfit complete with faux leather purse from Winners [for fashionable bargain shoppers in the Tbay], fitted jean jacket from Value Village [for die-hard bargain shoppers], handmade jewelry [creative outlet], blackberry [for sanity] and 3" heeled Franco Sarto sandals [most necessary].

And why are 3" heel, "pin-up" cuties on my feet "most necessary"? Because I am a self-neglected mother and it's time to be the fashionable lady I want to be. Those who know me from my pre-LU days ['cause university makes paupers of us all] may remember me as a bit of a fashion plate and will find this as no surprise.

When I make the decision to wear my "lady shoes" I know I'm going to dress like a grown-up lady and not so much like the tired mother I feel. I'm going to have a shower, wear something nice, do my hair and makeup and just feel better about myself. I believe this is important for me at this age.

Wearing lady shoes = dressing better = feeling better = doing better [parenting, housekeeping, wife-ing, jobing....everything!] = being a better version of myself.


k1 aka yarnstormer said...

365 projects are awesome! This is a great photo.

Kellie Huffman said...

Thank-you yarnstormer! I am enjoying it although sometimes there is a time crunch.


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