Sunday, June 19, 2011

Day 5

Juxtaposition. I live here.

Again, today, I found the end of the day approaching and no suitable picture to post. I have a very clear idea for a picture and just couldn't make it happen. Hopefully I will get it tomorrow.......

In frustration I march out the front door with the slightest of ideas....maybe a nature photo? It is an overcast day, making colours more vibrate then usual especially the greens... Perhaps lilacs? T'is the season. Facebook is full of lilac pics these days.

At the end of a short path just across the street is this green space framed by backyard fences opening up to the back parking lot of a nearby mall writhing in the final throws of death, a favourite canvas for the local graffiti.... printers[?]..... babies[?]..... infidels[?] ..... certainly not artists. There is one tree.... perfect.

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