Friday, June 17, 2011

365 Project -Day 2 [original date:June, 16th]

It's just hair people. Cut it, colour it, play with it. It grows back.

This has been a philosophy of mine since my first haircut in grade 4. Some may say that it is easy for me to say because my hair seems to grow quickly.

Which begs the question: Just how quickly? Let's find out. I recently heard that women past 50 shouldn't have long hair. Hmmm. Sounds like a challenge.

I have two years to 50, two years grow, two years before testing the above assumption.... starting from as close to 0 as I dare: 1 1/4 ", measuring the hair on the top of my head, which is the longest at present. Let the growing begin.

I will post Day 3 later on today so my blog with be caught up to my Facebook and Flickr installments of this project. :D

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