Saturday, June 25, 2011

Day 11


At 10pm I got off work, rushed to the local all-natural-local-plants-environmentally-friendly garden and took some pics with the last of the fading light. [Thank-goodness for long summer days.] I rushed home to process and upload in time to get the July 25th stamp on this post only to find my family in the middle of watching "Back to the Future" and lost all track of time until it was over. [Hey, we are talking about watching one of the perfect movies here. It's a valid excuse.] Anywho.... I think I just made it.

I love using natural light for taking pictures. I rarely.....Rarely.... and I mean RARELY use flash. Colour is more saturated in the dawn and dusk hours or on an overcast day. Bright sunlight washes colour out. I am very pleased with this shot. It makes me smile. :D

ps: just realized that the time on this post is 3 hours behind the actual time. I was posting at midnight. hmmm...interesting.

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