Monday, June 20, 2011

Day 6

Canadian Tradition.

One steeped tea: $1.34

One box of Tim bits: $1.99

One boston cream: $.98

One gas up: $20.00

Two boston creams: $1.96

One co-operative husband to get the perfect shot: priceless

This is the shot I tried to get yesterday. Every time the vehicle in front of me was handed their coffee I missed the shot...... every....time! This morning I followed hubby on his way to work, told him to be slow about reaching for the cup. What a dear! When he was handed the cup and he saw I wasn't ready [those Tim's people are fast!] he refused to take it! Back it went. Out it came again. Barry didn't even put his hand out to take it until he was sure I got it. Ain't he sweet?!

BTW, on my Tim's travels yesterday I discovered that this is the only Tim's in town with the sign at the end of the drive-through, making it the only Tim's perfect for this shot. I think you'll agree that getting the sign in the frame was of utmost importance.

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