Saturday, July 16, 2011

Day 32

Let's put this one in the "You're bugging me" category, and it's been bugging me for weeks!

They tore down the former Brew Pup and Shoppers Drug-mart, that had a walk-in clinic, to build a new, bigger Shoppers. So now, as you can see, the clinic is at ...the Hospital! .... thata-way....
[We could also put this in the "No shit sherlock" category. Imagine finding health care at the hospital! And isn't part of the benefit of going to a walk-in is so you can avoid the back-log at the hospital?]

This clinic, usually very busy, was located in a densely populated area that includes some lower-income housing. There were people that used this clinic that literally "walked in". This sign almost makes one think the hospital is just down the street. Well, it kinda is, about 3.5 km. A nice little jaunt for a sick person or parent with sick kid. Luckily there is a bus that passes right by. Just add the $5 return trip cost per-person to your budget. As someone who has gone through tight financial times finding bus fare can mean something else is being sacrificed.

It's just seems logical to me that moving the clinic to the County Fair Mall, a 5-10 minute walk from here, which is almost empty and directly adjacent to part of the community, would make more sense. But then who am I? Just a middle-aged mother sticking her two cents in.

Of course the up shot is that a nicer walk-in clinic will be built least that is the hope.

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