Friday, June 08, 2007

Monkey Love Casts On!

Coming at ya.....

I asked Barry to take a picture of the Monkey sock I cast on so I had something to post to ravelry. The next thing I know he's all:
'hold the
light here'
'now this way'

After several minutes of that I changed the arrangement.

come close

get back

Several minutes later... I started getting
board so it started getting weird.

dancing monkey.

I grabbed the yarn and danced the needles like it was a marionette. Who says monkeys don't have strings?
[little inside joke for Canadians, and if you are Canadian and you don't get it.....what!....your Canadian and don't
watch Corner Gas until you can quote it? for shame]

Still it went on......

and on.....
Picture this if you dare: Two adults, on their bed, the woman is bouncing a square of sticks and string around the pillow while the man is clicking away, coming close, backing up, lying down, sitting up, adjusting the light.....please stop.

And then, about 20 minutes [in all] later.....
finally it did.....
but isn't all that jitterbug yarn candy delightful!?! yum!


Kellie said...

Clearly you are nuts. I love that in a person! And the photos are fab!

g-girl said...

oh my gosh..the pics are so cool if your jitterbug! my fiance is the same way as your hubby!

omly said...

Hiya, you stopped by my blog to comment on my "Danke socks". Yes that list of "ingredients" is as close to pattern as I have. Since you are already working on a pair of Monkeys you will have experience with both a heel flap heel and a wedge toe, since that is what is in that pattern. So the only things different from the pair that I made is that mine have a 2X2 ribbing which I continued down the top of the foot to the toe (while the bottom of the foot was stockinette).


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