Wednesday, June 06, 2007

My Birthday Present

That's my ball of Colinette Jitterbug in Jewel that I gave to myself being held by one of my other Jewels, Bronwyn.

Here is how I wrap it in a ball: drape the skein over my knees and start winding. [man, i really need to do some sit-ups]

This is my favourite chair. It's comfy and deep. It's in the corner with a floor lamp right behind it. The tv is in the other corner on my right. The couch is on my left so there is little reason for anyone to block the tv in case I should want to look up while knitting. That's my knitting bag [just like my grannie's!] nestled inbetween the chair and wall and you don't want to know what is going on behind the chair in the corner. It's my little world of yarn.

Here is it, glissining in the sun!

And here: in the form of two lovely yarn cakes...still attached, in case they are not even because I am about to cast on Monkey. I plan to go with the picot edging as exalted and described by Cara. Her blog is the coolest ever! No matter how many times you click 'refresh' the banner photo is always different. Love her sense of colour.

Don't be surprised if there are more lovely pics of this yarn. I love it. At $25.00 A SKEIN, yes, for one skein it will make the most expensive pair of socks I think I will ever own but....the most beautiful as well.

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