Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Pay It Forward!

I've been tagged by Twisted Knitster to PAY IT FORWARD!

So I will randomly choose three people who reply to this post to send a little gifty too, maybe yarn, maybe something else, maybe both! Who knows. Like Twisted Knitster I promise to do it some time in the next 356 days. So leave a comment. I will contact 3 people to let them know they are tagged with in a week or so. And then be prepared to be surprised .... some time .... in the next year!

Come on and join in the fun! Pay it forward and put a smile on someone's face!


Ann-Marie said...

i tagged you for a Rockin Girl Blogger award!!
see my blog

g-girl said...

this is really cool--i like that there's the option to send yarn-I love picking out yarn for others! :)

Amelia, belle of The Bellwether said...

Now you're at three :-) and I have plenty of yarn stash to mail forward, happily !

Rebecca said...

Hey Kel, don't know if you have your 3 participants yet but I'll play!

Ann-Marie said...

you didn't have 3 commenters??
well, i'm commenting now.
hi there!!!


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